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Kinds of Holiness [Ephesians 4:20 – 24]

Kinds of Holiness [Ephesians 4:20 – 24]

I.          Two kinds of holiness… “true” and “false.”

            A.         True holiness is essentially the same.

                        1.         It is the work of the Holy Spirit.

                                    a.         It is not “taught” or “trained.”
                                    b.         “He has ceased from his own works.” [B.T. Roberts]

“True holiness has nothing in it of human merit, it is always found in connection with deep humility” [BTR]

                        2.         Humility is manifested: “dresses plain.” [BTR]

“Nothing is worn for show or ornament…. He is unassuming, not claiming superiority over others.” [BTR]

                        3.         “An all-absorbing love for God and man.” [BTR]

                                    a.         God is loved… obeyed.
                                    b.         People are loved… served.

                        4.         “True holiness is obtained through faith in God, and is never separated                                         from an unwavering trust in Him.” [BTR]

            B.         False holiness:

                        1.         “Aristocratic, self-indulgent holiness.” [BTR]

                                    a.         Influence comes through externals: “costly houses of worship, with popular    preachers, choir singing… selling or renting the seats.” [BTR]

                                    b.         “endeavors to explain away the requirements of the Gospel to                                                   suit their tastes.” [BTR]

“This kind of holiness is not generally persecuted by the world.” [BTR]

                        2.         False holiness is “fanatical."

                                    a.         “It lays the greatest stress upon that for which it has the least                                                        reason and Scripture for its support.” [BTR]
                                    b.         Apparent self-denial turns to self-will.
                                    c.         “Sincerity” but self-willed… lacks submission.          
                                    d.         It does NOT know how to yield.

“It must have its own way in everything.” [BTR]

                        3.         “Covetous holiness.”

                                    a.         “It has sharp criticisms for every project that calls for an                                                   expenditure of money; but it is because it is unwilling to bear its                                                    part.” [BTR]
                                    b.         “It is mighty at tearing down – it never tries its hand at building                                                     up.” [BTR]

II.         How do we respond.

            A.         “Consecration”

                        1.         “Give yourself up for a habitation of the Holy Spirit.” [BTR]
                        2.         Roberts suggested the 10 Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

            B.         “Humility”

            C.         “Be in haste to obtain it.” [BTR]

                        1.         “Eternity is at hand… the death-bed may be too late.” [BTR]
                        2.         “Make every confession He prompts             you to make.” [BTR]

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