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Defective and False – Holiness Ephesians 4:24

Defective and False – Holiness Ephesians 4:24

“True holiness implies there is a false.” [B. T. Roberts]

“Holiness in man is often defective.” [BTR]

I.          What is defective and false holiness?

            A.         “Much of the current holiness is wanting in spirituality.” [BTR]

                        1.         It is worldly… acquired what is fashionable in appearance or form.
                        2.         In other words it appeals to the flesh (and the world).

            B.         “Much of it is wanting in loyalty to God.” [BTR]

                        1.         God is nominally acknowledged… self, society, or church is the primary focus.
                        2.         God is first unless it interferes with worldly interest.

            C.         Sometimes it is the church that hinders holiness.

                        1.         It ignores the claims of justice… for convenience.
                        2.         “Treason to God” to stand by a church and its leaders when they are clearly in violation of Scripture. (Heretic or reformer)

“False holiness… is built upon a false assumption.” [BTR]

            D.         False assumption… maintain a respectable standing in a respectable church.

                        1.         Problem: love the world.
                        2.         Problem: friendship with the world.

(These friendships take priority over Christ.)

II.         What do we need?

            A.         Pardon… under condemnation.

                        1.         Reason: they walk after the flesh not the Spirit.
                        2.         Roberts claimed these people were NOT saved. (Question: how good to you have to be to go to heaven?  Is salvation by grace or works?)

            B.         “Live holiness!” [BTR]

                        1.         Caution: don’t try to convince them they are better or more secure than the Holy Spirit is showing them.
                        2.         If a person is substituting popular religion for the Word of God… then they are in danger.

            C.         Courage

                        1.         Don’t close your eyes to popular sin.
                        2.         Without courage to follow God’s Word, we become prey to the artful and the designing… logic of others.

            D.         Discernment

“Give your endorsement to nothing that will not stand the test of the judgement day.” [BTR]

                        1.         “There is no end to counterfeits.” [BTR]
                        2.         Example: the belief that the “condition” of the believer is sanctified and the change of character (behavior) is not required.

III.        What is the belief?

            A.         In a nut shell:

                        1.         Souls at conversion are sanctified, but not wholly. [1 Thessalonians 5:23 – 24]
                                    a.         “Already/not yet”
                                    b.         Sanctified in standing but not in experience.
                        2.         Entire sanctification is subsequent (after) to justification.
                        3.         Entire sanctification is God’s work done by the Holy Spirit.
                        4.         Entire sanctification brings body, soul, and spirit into a blameless condition. 

(You cannot be preserved blameless until you are made blameless.)

                        5.         Entire sanctification is attainable BECAUSE God will do it.
                        6.         Entire sanctification is attainable NOW.
                        7.         Entire sanctification CAN be permanent.

            B.         Sanctification is NOT a “form of godliness” which “denies the power.”

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