Thursday, December 22, 2011

A powerless profession [1 Corinthians 13]

A powerless profession [1 Corinthians 13]

“A profession of holiness without love is like a well without water, like a stove without fire, a tree without fruit.” [B.T. Roberts]

1.         “You cannot be filled with love to God and man without being a blessing to others.” [BTR]

            a.         No feeling of envy or jealousy.
            b.         No attempt to cripple others influence by lowering them in the estimation of others.
            c.         Rejoice with those who rejoice.

2.         Compassion not anger will be the rule towards those who are not Christian.

            a.         If they have wronged you, what else can you expect?
            b.         Don’t keep them at a distance (some fear pollution).
            c.         Be a witness.

3.         Problems:

            a.         Lack of usefulness… generally followed by fault finding.
            b.         Giving strong prescription to others when we see a weakness…

4.         What we need:

            a.         “Seek then, first of all, for a baptism of pure, perfect love upon your soul.” [BTR]

                        1.)        Be honest: is there fruit of this love?
                        2.)        Own your need and ask earnestly to have it supplied.

            b.         It’s not about zeal… it’s about love.

                        1.)        Consecration of talent, time, property…
                        2.)        Confession of unloving disposition…

Love is the key to the entire Christian life.  God’s love shed abroad in our hearts…  Our love for God and others.  Howe we live our lives under the influence of this love.

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