Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiness Teaching – Limits of Sanctification (B.T. Roberts re-examined)

Holiness Teaching – Limits of Sanctification (B.T. Roberts re-examined)
James 2:1 – 13

“There is great danger of [holiness] being carried too far. Already the effort is being made to sanctify things that cannot be sanctified.” [B.T. Roberts]

“There are some things which, from their nature, are not capable of being made holy.” [BTR] (gambling, pride, things God forgives)

“All attempts at reforming things forbidden by the word of God, should be abandoned.” [BTR]

1. “Money worship cannot be sanctified.” [BTR]

a. Wealth vs Worth…
b. Ability to gain wealth most important…
c. Elections are about money, not character.
d. “Mammon” is “idolatry.”

“There should no preference be given to one over another on account of wealth.” [BTR]

2. “Pride cannot be sanctified.” [BTR]

a. Jewels… (and rings)
b. Construction and furnishing of edifices. “unauthorized refinements.” [BTR]

3. Drama cannot be sanctified.

a. The church is not the place for drama…
b. Drags the actors down… does not elevate the stage.
c. “Heathen rites.” … “adot worldly pleasures and attempt to throw over them a religious garb.” [BTR]

* “The Roman Catholic, has today more of the spirit and practice of the old pagan churches than of the church founded by Jesus Christ.” [BTR]

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