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Hebrews 9 Who’s life?

Hebrews 9 Who’s life?

1.         [1 – 7] The first covenant was earthly… a copy of the heavenly/eternal.

            a.         The copies were impressive. [vv 3 – 4] BUT there was no direct access to God. [v 8]
            b.         RESULT: The old covenant had no direct access to God. [v 9]
            c.         Why?  BECAUSE the eternal is powerless [v 10]

2.         The internal (symbolized by the “Most Holy Place”).

            a.         The heavenly reality is seen in the copy [v 12]
            b.         The presence of God was denied in the old covenant by the curtain (veil) [vv 7, 15]

***** Never a sacrifice for willful sin. *****
3.         Christ is there now… [v 24]

            a.         What does that mean? [v 15]
                        1.)        Jesus died for us.
                        2.)        Jesus paid the ransom.
                        3.)        Jesus set us free.
            b.         RESULT [v 14]
                        1.)        Conscience cleared…
                        2.)        We are now free to serve the living God…

4.         The legal proof… a “will” [vv 16 – 17]

            a.         The death of the owner must be proved.
                        1.)        The first covenant is established by a living person.
                        2.)        The death of that person releases the will.
                        3.)        When Jesus died He ended the first covenant.
            b.         [v 18] Death was symbolized (proved) by the blood.
                        1.)        [v 19] Moses sprinkled the blood to sanctify everything.
                        2.)        [v 23] This blood was symbolic of the heavenly reality.
                        3.)        [v 22] Blood cleansed and provided forgiveness.

***** The old looked forward toward the real, eternal, heavenly… Jesus. *****

            c.         [v 24] Jesus is alive.

                        1.)        NOW there is a new covenant in place.
                                    a.)        There is direct access to God (curtain torn at the crucifixion).
                                    b.)        We have direct access through Jesus.
                        2.)        [v 28] RESULT: Jesus will one day return.
                                    a.)        Jesus died… ransomed us… set us free: conscious is cleared and we can now serve the living God.
                                    b.)        Jesus will one day return… verifies and enforces the new covenant.

***** FACT: You are alive spiritually BECAUSE Jesus blood now runs in your veins. *****

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” [Galatians 2:20]

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