Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Romans 5:12 – 21
Reality Check

Paul puts two ideas together by using two illustrations.

1. Adam = “trespass” and death.
2. Christ = “gift” and eternal life.

Each one acted as the common father/representation of their spiritual line.
– What the representative did, we did
– ADAM = we failed.
– CHRIST = we are righteous.

From these tow we see three effects.

1. The reality of sin and its effects.
2. The reality of grace and its effects.
3. The reality of victory through Christ Jesus.

I. The reality of sin and its effects.

A. Definitions of sin. (From words used in Scripture for sin. Not a complete list!)

1. “Transgression” means to step over a line.

2. “Iniquity” means something that is naturally wrong weather it is expressly forbidden or not. (e.g. not doing the good we know to do.... “to do nothing is to be part of the problem.”

3. “Error” means to depart from what is right.

4. “Sin” means to miss the mark (technical language), or failure to meet a standard.

5. Willful defiance of God.

6. “Unbelief” means the failure to believe (sometimes in the face of overwhelming evidence, such as creation).

7. “Perverse” means to be bent.

B. How did sin get here?

1. [v 12] “through one man.”

a. Adam sinned as a deliberate act of the will (Eve was tricked, see 2 Corinthians 11:3).

b. Sin is “unnatural” to God’s design.

c. Sin is an intruder breaking our relationship with God.

2. Universal death was the result.

a. Death is the pay check for sin [see Romans 6:23].

b. Death is the divine verdict on us all = “consequences.”

1.) Physical death = separation from loved ones.

2.) Spiritual death = separation from God.

3.) Eternal death = eternal hell is the permanent separation from both. It was never intended for humans.

c. Physical death is the proof of the problem.

d. There is cause and effect. Sin causes death.

3. Two ways we are “sinners.”

a. We are sinners by “nature.”

1.) We inherited it like we inherit other genetic traits, only this is spiritually inherited.

2.) It is “universal” (no one is exempt) and bring God’s wrath and condemnation.

3.) Theological terms include “depraved” which means we are helpless.

b. We are sinners by “action.”

1.) We sin with knowledge and will (sometimes we seem ignorant, but we are not).

2.) We commit acts of sin because by nature we are “bent” towards committing these acts. (Like why a dog acts like a dog and not a cow or a cat.)

3.) We need a “double cure.”

Simple effect of the reality of sin:
– We start life as a sinner?
– As a sinner that means we are spiritually dead.
– Unless something else takes effect we are dead in our sins.
– We need God’s grace because we are unable, by our own strength and work to restore or gain a right relationship with God.

II. The reality of grace and its effects.

A. Definition of grace.

1. Grace is undeserved favor or kindness.

2. Grace comes from an is dependent on the desire of the One giving it.
FACT: God “wants too!”

B. The major contrast between sin and grace:

1. Disobedience.

a. Adam’s sin was a violation of God’s command. (What Adam did was wrong because it was forbidden.)

b. The poison of sin (willful disobedience) spread to all of Adam’s descendants.

c. We were “made sinners.” This is a legal term that means declared (tried and found guilty) sinners by due course of the law.

3. Obedience.

a. Jesus provided a gift.

1.) “Salvation” from the reign of sin and death.

2.) “Righteousness” means were are made right before God.

b. [v 19] “many will be made righteous” This is a legal term which means to be declared free from the penalty. (Justification.)

(Ill.) In a civil trial a defendant can be guilt and have to pay $1. In other words, they may have violated the law but in the eyes of the Judge they were justified.

C. This grace is an “abundant provision” [v 17 ].

1. Consider these things:

a. The power of sin to infect everyone.

b. The power of guilt over us.

c. The power of a single offense.

2. God’s grace exceeds all this!

a. It does not matter how bad you think you are... God’s “want too” (grace) can cover it.

b. It does not matter how good you think you are... You still need God’s grace.

III. The reality of victory through Christ Jesus.
(Go ahead, make your own list of what this does or could mean to you.)

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