Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On a personal note....

I will post next week... I'm taking my son off to Bible college, so it's been hectic around our house this week. It's a moment of sadness and victory at the same time. It is sad because a friend is moving away. It is victory because, God has done and is doing fantastic things in his life. When he was born (I remember it like it was yesterday), I went home from the hospital happily shouting in my soul "I have a son." Then I heard the still small voice remind me... "So did I."

Also, I have been chosen as an alternate for the 2006 Evangelical Homiletic's Society meeting in October. Sign up to go at and you can down load my paper (and many others).

For those who know I'm looking for work... I've applied at 49 different schools. So far no serious nibbles. Mostly I never hear back from the schools either way. However, there are some that are professional enough to let me know they hired someone else or that they are in process. A few have actually been rude, trust me, its better than silence. Since I don't have college level teaching experience (never mind real life teaching experience that the pulpit gives), I doubt I will be given a serious look... outside divine intervention.

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