Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bible vs the world

The Bible vs the world
1 Timothy 6:6 – 10, 17 – 19

A. There is a difference in what we seek.

1. World (Greek philosophy) “contentment.” [Satisfaction]

a. Anything without God is possible.
b. Everything… without God there are no limits.

2. The Bible “godliness WITH contentment is great gain”

a. Godliness understands that there are rules that go beyond selfishness.
b. Godliness imposes a certain humanity that benefits everyone.

B. Paul’s argument:

1. Observations:

a. (v 7) we brought nothing, we take nothing.
(Ill. A miserly husband made his wife promise that when he died she would put it all in his casket so he could take it all with him. At his funeral, she wrote him a check and put it in the casket….)

b. (v 9) the desire to get “rich” has consequences.

1.) “Trap” – “snare” gives the impression of something that is sudden and unexpected. It can also carry the idea of “overwhelmed.”
(Ill. How to catch a monkey: hallow out a gourd. Place food in the gourd. Secure the gourd. The monkey will reach into the gourd and be trapped because with the food in the hand it cannot get away. Even when the monkey sees you, the monkey will not let go. HUMANS, even when we know something is destructive, our pride and the blinding effect sin has on us keeps us from letting go.)
2.) “Desires” are foolish (not understanding, not using judgment) and hurtful (injurious).

2. Results of what Paul observed:

a. (v 10) Love of money = “root”

1.) A root nourishes the sin. (e.g. Hebrews 12:15 talks about the root of bitterness which leads to sexual immorality at godlessness.)
2.) Deal with the plant but NOT the root will not change the person. (It is treating the symptom but not offering a cure.)

b. (v 10) The “craving” for money is not healthy spiritually.

1.) Wandered from the faith… “stray” ignorantly or by deliberate choices.
2.) Pierced themselves with MANY “griefs.” (meaning heaviness and pain… devouring cares.)

C. The cure:

1. Attitude!

a. (v 17) “NOT be arrogant”
b. (v 17) Hope in God (sure) NOT wealth (unsure).

***** Notice there is a threat (“rich in THIS present world” as in poor in eternity) and a promise (God gives “richly”… copiously, lavishly) *****

***** Once the rood (attitude/beliefs) are dealt with (repentance, trust in what Jesus has provided through His death and resurrection); then the plant can be cured. *****

2. Action (How to be “rich”)

a. (v 18) Do good.
b. (v 18) Be generous.
c. (v 18) willing (implies pleasure) to share.

Question: Where do you want your reward?

(V 19) “lay up treasure… take hold of life… truly life”

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