Sunday, July 11, 2010

Many apologies

Hey, everyone who's still here...

Many apologies for not loading messages and outlines for the last five months. I had not realized it was that long ago.

I've been teaching a class on homiletics for our conference. All the grading will be done soon and the weeping and wailing will begin (joke).

Between that and the computer melting down and the ancient Olympus digital recorder finally deciding to not connect to the computer (I have a new Olympus digital recorder, purchased on my own volition...)

If you are Sony or someone else, and really want to risk me evaluating your product... feel free to send me one. (Yeah, that's a "double dog dare.")

Any way.... I will try to be back on-line... at least until the next virus that wipes out my hard drive, or something like that...

God bless you.

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