Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spiritual Road Map

Acts 2:37 – 47

“Spiritual Road Map”


I.          Step #1: Get started


            A.        Repent [v 38]


                        1.         (lit.) “to change the mind”


                                    a.         O.T. = “to change the behavior”


                                    b.         Mind = behavior


                                    c.         We must “hate” the sin we have committed.


                        2.         The heart (where choices are made) is the battle field.


                                    a.         Not just feeling but thinking… CHOICE.


b.         Totally convinced to abandon sin and embrace righteousness.


            B.         Be baptized.  [v 38]


                        1.         A public confession, identifying with Jesus.


                                    a.         We are following Jesus examples, humbling ourselves to be disciples and His servants.


                                    b.         We are renouncing all.  It is the “point of no return.”


                        2.         It is a demonstration of grace.


                                    a.         Baptism points out God’s grace of forgiveness and new life.


                                    b.         It is an expression of the changed life.


            C.        Receive the Holy Spirit [v 38]


While baptism is an expression of the changed life receiving the Holy Spirit brings the ability/power to live a changed life.


It is through the work and power of the Holy Spirit that forgiveness is applied and repentance gives direction.


II.         Step #2: Get started.

            A.        Consistent in basics [v 42]


                        1.         Systematic learning and application of the Apostles teaching.  (They were the first Methodists!)


                        2.         Continually in fellowship (community)


                        3.         The Lord’s supper/communion.


                        4.         Prayer.


            B.         Developing positive attitudes. [vv 44 – 47]


<From Martin Mull>


                        1.         Worship. (Relationship toward God.)


                        2.         Witness.  (Relationship toward others.)


                        3.         Willingness.  (Relationship toward ourselves.)


III.       Step #3: Get committed.


            A.        Committed to each other.


                        1.         [vv 44 – 45] Helping those in need.


                        2.         [v 46] Being together to encourage others... being useful.


            B.         Membership [vv 41, 47]


                        1.         Formal identification.


                        2.         The Lord drawing people into service.


We need GOD to get started.

We need OTHERS to grow.

We need OTHERS to continue.

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