Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Church!

Acts 1:12 – 2:4, Acts 2:42 – 47

Happy Birthday Church!


I.          The basics:


            A.        [1:12 – 14] Prayer


                        1.         Because Jesus told them to “wait.”


                                    a.         They were obeying the Lord Jesus Christ.


                                    b.         “Waiting does not mean “doing nothing.”


                        2.         Because prayer is the foundation.


(quote: “God does nothing but in answer to prayer.” Unknown)


                                    a.         Before we do anything… pray!


                                    b.         Before anything happens… pray!


            B.         [1:15 – 20] Scripture


                        1.         Because Scripture is the foundation and sole authority.


                                    a.         “Scripture” is the “Word of God”


-         God reveals His will.


-         God reveals what He is going to do.


-         God reveals what He wants to accomplish.


-         God reveals what we are to do.


                                    b.         Scripture provides the foundation for what is about to happen.


                        2.         Because Scripture reminds us:


                                    a.         God has everything planned out.


-         God knew Judas’ actions.


                                                -     God did not determine Judas’ actions but gave us what would happen in Scripture.


                                    b.         How you understand prophecy (God’s foreknowledge or God’s preordination) will determine your view of God.  (God’s holy and loving interaction or God’s casual effect.)


            C.        [1:21 – 26] Business.


                        1.         There is an organizational necessity.


                                    a.         Choosing leadership, in dependence on God.


                                    b.         “Apostolic ministry” was an eye witness to Jesus’ life.  It was the idea of the accuracy of a primary source.  (Ended once all the eye witnesses died.)


                        2.         Business can be a neglected item.


                                    a.         We see it as “human.”  (Subject to sinful behavior and attitudes.)


                                    b.         It can become “personal.”  (Wanting to be “in charge.”)


                                    c.         It can be “political.”  (Making it corrupt in principle.)


            D.        [2:1 – 4] Filled with the Holy Spirit.


                        1.         After everything else was in order…


                        2.         Some expect the Holy Spirit to be an overriding cure for problems when they do not want to do the work of preparing for the Holy Spirit.


The reason for this is so it is clear who gets the glory.


(Ill. Joshua and Israel marching around Jericho for seven days….)

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