Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just a Thought

Valentines Day tends to be a celebration of love.  It’s a day to tell someone special, “I love you.” 


Philosophers have debated the concept of love.  To understand it, we put it in some sort of polarity.  The opposite of love is (fill in the blank).  One answer is “hate.”  After all, if love is irresistible attraction then hate is insurmountable repugnance.  We see tribal conflicts, the practice of protecting or attacking religion, and politics.  Where divisions flare to life, there is only one truthful word for it, hate.


Another answer is “fear.”  Every guy has experienced it.  We screw our courage up when we have met that someone special and declare our attraction.  They have given off the right “signals.”  The coy smiles and suggestive dress all scream one thing: “Buy me chocolate!”  We stammer, shake, and sweat like a pig.  Finally we blurt out “I think… I think… I like you.”


At that point three types answers are possible.  First, we hear this loud cracking sound similar to the sweet sound of the riffle bringing down a 12-point buck.  Then we feel the fire.  Our face, at least one side is on fire.  After the slap, something registers that she has just slammed the door and we are not going to get out of the way in time.  The second answer is more painful.  The object of our affection doubles up with laughter.  Tears are running down her cheeks.  It’s the funniest thing she’s every heard.  Possibly the scariest answer, in retrospect, is a passionate kiss.


Why?  Frankly ladies, we have no clue what we’ve gotten ourselves into.  It’s taken all our metal and physical abilities to say the “L” word.  Admitting we are “in like” is well beyond our emotional potential.  Knowing how to nurture that relationship is possibly scientifically impossible due to the cranial capacity of the male of our species.  Trouble is when men think love, we think cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other good stuff.  Females think love, relationship, and other gushy things that make a man cringe.  Seriously, it’s the only explanation possible.


So guys, I offer one word of advice: Chocolate.  Apparently chocolate has chemicals that make a person feel good.  It imitates the “L” feeling and, rumor has it, it’s also a vegetable.  So buy her lots of chocolate and you can skip the yearly horror of using the “L” word again.


Aren’t you glad God didn’t skip it?  The Bible says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  [Romans 5:8]  God didn’t just say it, He lived it.  On the cross, Jesus did something for us that all the chocolate in the world could not do.  He demonstrated what the Bible calls “unfailing love.”


When one declares their unfailing love for another, there is an implied question.  I love you, do you love me?  God has taken the initiative, will you respond and love Him back?

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