Thursday, January 25, 2007

Isaiah 8:11 – 12
“When Life is Out of Control”

I. Avoid the way of society [v 8]

A. We are prone to follow the crowd.

1. A common illustration of us in the Bible us “sheep.”

a. Sheep are very good at following, but not necessarily the right influence.

b. (ill) of 400+ sheep that followed another sheep over a cliff.

2. God warns Isaiah: “Don’t join the example!”

B. God instructs us.

1. Through the Bible.

2. Through the Holy Spirit.

C. God’s hand must be strong.

1. To get our attention.

a. Some of us have to be flat on our backs before we “look up.”

b. Some of us need the experience of the “heavy” presence of God to know when He is talking.

2. To restrain us.

a. We wear safety belts to restrain us... keep us safe.

b. Sometimes, God has to take strong measures to keep us safe for eternity.

D. Fear was the “buzzword” because fear is a CONTROLLING attitude.

1. Fear of men = out of control.

2. This is a contrast. Just like the fear of men controls (negatively) the fear of God should control (positively).

II. Look to God.

A. God is in control.

1. Reminded that God is the “Almighty” (which means He can do anything he wants to do, any time He wants to do it.)

2. Reminded that God is “holy” (which means pure and separate.)

B. Behave like we believe.

1. We do this, wether we admit it or not.

2. “IF” God is “Almighty,” is there anything that is impossible?

3. “IF” God is “holy,” will anything cause Him to behave improperly or irrationally?

C. The fear of the Lord brings peace.

1. [v 14] “Sanctuary” – a place of refuge.

2. [God] is not safe but He is good (from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe), He is also secure.

3. Peace only comes from being in the presence of God.

***** This message was in context to the time the King has shut down the temple and was using it as a garbage dump. *****

III. Stand firm in God’s Word.

A. You have two choices:

1. God would be a sanctuary and you will be safe.

2. God would be a stone/snare and you will be hurt.

3. The difference is where you look.

B. Key idea: [v 16]

1. Bind and seal!

2. Strong, permanent handling of God’s Word.

IV. The servant’s response:

A. Wait!

1. Judah was not to make an alliance with Assyria.

2. They were not to panic and give in to fear.

3. God asks His people for “constructive waiting.”

a. Some times we need time to plan and prepare.

b. Do something positive: bind and seal...

c. Be ready.

B. Trust!

1. “Look to Him” [KJV]

a. Let God be God...

b. Let God work...

2. Our behavior:

a. When we do not trust, we do our own thing, we cause ourselves grief and pain.

b. When we trust God, life becomes clearer and easier...

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