Friday, September 01, 2006

Romans 6:1 – 18
How to know you are sanctified

John Wesley’s five questions:

1. “Have I made a total consecration to Christ?”

***** Is there an identifiable time when you made a complete consecration of everything? This tends to be “the last straw” were the “one” area you didn’t/don’t want to commit/submit to the Lord. Or maybe it is the “one” thing you have not been able to let go that you sense is creating distance between you and God.. *****

2. “Do I have power over willful sin?”

***** Can you say there is no KNOWN and WILFUL sin your life right now? If there is a known and willful sin, then it may block your sense of “assurance.” *****

3. “Have I experienced a distinct increase in love?”

***** Has God changed your orientation toward others? There is cleansing (from bitterness, grudges, malice, ill will, envy, hate, etc...) and freedom (to actually love other people, especially those you would judges to be “unlovable”)? This love is “active love,” where you are pursuing the best for others. *****

4. “Is obedience the consuming passion of my heart?”

***** There is a problem with “perfect” (meaning “flawless”). We fall short of God’s flawless standard of performance every day. John Wesley disliked the word “perfect” because it was egotistical (which is opposite what sanctification is about). “Perfect” gives the impression there is no room for growth or continual maturity, or that the product is finished or complete. The real issue of sanctification is “who is in control.” Is the central force (not a high priority) in life obedience to God? Please note, this is a matter of submission of the will to God, not feeling. Wesley suggested the real need was “perfection of intention” so that one would have an “undivided heart.” *****

5. “Does the Spirit witness to my heart?”

***** This is a question of evidence. Do you know for sure, or is it wishful thinking? It’s like being in love. (See Deuteronomy 15:12 – 17) *****

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